About Us

At All Saints Church we believe that God has a destiny for each one of us in all our diversity. Christ’s church is not dogma but an unfolding of our hearts to be open to God’s call to become the true human being that we are. By sharing in our family spiritual meal, the Eucharist, and working together in fellowship within our community we can grow our spirituality and work towards a better world.

Embedded in the architecture of our beautiful and unusual building is over a thousand years of evolving worship and community life. From the original 11th century chapel (now the Lady Chapel) to its more modern, expansive extension with its light-filled stained glass and transcendent High Altar it is a testament to the faith and dedication of those who came before us.

Come and be nourished in the heart of Wingerworth.

All Services and Events can be found on our church website: www.wingerworthchurch.org