Baptisms or christenings

Baptism or christening is the way in which people are welcomed into the life of the church. Babies are baptised on the basis of their parents faith and welcomed into the life of the church on the understanding that their parents will bring them up within the faith and life of the church. We love to pray for God's blessing on those coming seeking baptism and would love to have a conversation with you to discuss what baptism means and what is involved in the service if you would like God's blessing for your baby and for them to be welcomed into God's family, the church.

Because Shottle church is only open for worship five times a year, we have limited availability to offer baptisms and christenings. However, there are  more frequent opportunities at St John the Evangelist Hazelwood, the main church in our parish where baptisms are held on the first Sunday of a month at 11:00am. 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer baptisms at present due to Covid-19 regulations