About Us

We are a friendly and inclusive church, welcoming all ages and backgrounds to our worship. We serve the area of Farringdon, Lakeside (Gilley Law) and East and Middle Herrington, on the southwest edge of Sunderland. We believe that worship is for all ages, and so children of all ages are welcomed and fully included in all services, rather than being segregated in a Sunday school or creche. We are here to serve the whole parish, of any faith or none, in any way we can.

Our usual pattern of worship has changed due to Covid-19 restrictions: see Services and Events for current pattern, on Sundays and weekdays.  There are currently three Sunday services, at 8.00am, 9.00am and 10.00am, so that we can keep all below the upper safe number limit. We are not currently able to offer the services in the wider parish, at Oakfield Court or Amalfi Tower.