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Getting here


St Michael and All Angels is in the parish of Caldecote with Childerley, in the Diocese of Ely. We are a small church with lots of character – both in terms of its building and its people! Visitors frequently comment on the relaxed and warm atmosphere, and the variety of our services, from family worship to traditional morning prayer.

Most of our regular services are held at the church of St Michael and All Angels in Caldecote, which dates back to the 11th century — but in addition we are privileged to have Childerley Chapel as part of our parish.  We hold a number of special services in this beautiful little chapel, which is packed with history. Follow the 'venues' link on our website to read more.



Jesus teaches us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbour as ourselves. At St Michael’s we believe we can do this not because we're super holy people or the best church around but because of God's grace — he loves us even when we fail.

Our vision is not just to love each other but also to care for our church building, a beautiful Grade II* Listed building we have inherited from generations of worshippers dating back to the 1100s. Back in 2009, when our congregation was still counted in single figures, we decided to think big and we set up The Friends of Caldecote Church to raise money for urgent work on the building. Since then we have had water installed, and the walls replastered — and the work continues.



At Caldecote Church we take you as you are, and you find us as we are! We put the emphasis on giving people room to be as involved as they wish to be — you're equally welcome whether you come once a year or every week.

And one of the characteristics of Caldecote Church is that you can become involved in ways that you might never get the chance at another church — if you want to play the organ once in a while at a service, or lead the prayers, or help with churchyard maintenance, you're always welcome to give it a go without feeling under pressure to continue.



Occasionally in life we get the urge to reach out for the undo button: the desperate mental pleading for some 'deal' with God that will undo the hurtful words we said, the thoughtless selfishness of ignoring a friend in need, the fateful decision that caused harm to the ones we love most. If the clock could be turned back, we'd live our lives differently this time round....

The good news that we find in the Bible is that those mistakes that we make today have already been atoned for. The saving work of Jesus nailed to the cross for our sins has already been done – we’ve already been given the way out. God has forgiven us our sins. If we receive his forgiveness, we can live our lives for him and experience the joy of sharing what he has given us.

At Caldecote Church we’ve always set out to be a church with an undo button – somewhere everyone can feel free of the fear of doing the wrong thing; somewhere that we can come as we are.



Most of our regular services are held at the church of St Michael and All Angels in Caldecote — but in addition we are privileged to have Childerley Chapel as part of our parish.  We hold a number of special services in this beautiful little chapel, which is packed with history. As a church we also support the Gateways Community, which meets on the second Sunday of the month in Caldecote Village Hall.  We also partner with Gateways and other village organisations to hold a special Remembrance Sunday service in the Village Hall, with the Last Post played in the Peace Garden opposite. Visit our website for more about each venue.



Upcoming services
To find out about services coming up in the next couple of months, visit our website.

Regular services
With a regular attendance of under twenty, we are blessed with all the benefits of a small church. Those who wish to give put their talents to good use get lots of opportunities, whether it is to play the organ, arrange the flowers, lead the intercessions (prayers) or give a Bible reading. We vary the type of services we have through the month:

1st Sunday: 11am Holy Communion in the modern language version 2nd Sunday: No service* 3rd Sunday: 11am Holy Communion in traditional language version 4th Sunday: 11am Morning Prayer 5th Sunday: 11am Traditional Morning Prayer**

* There is no service on the second Sunday of the month. Caldecote Church supports the Gateways Community which meets in the Village Hall.

** We encourage members of Caldecote Church to join with other churches in the Lordsbridge Team on fifth Sundays of the month where they are able, but offer our regular fifth Sunday BCP Morning Prayer at St Michael's as an alternative.

Seasonal services
Special services like the Christmas Carols by Candlelight at St Michael’s or Meditations for Epiphany at Childerley Chapel (pictured below) draw people from across the parish and show these beautiful buildings off to their best.

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