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Some parts of St Giles date back to 1092, although little of this building still stands, except internal arches taken from the Norman Church. The large church building, which is richly decorated after restoration in the Victorian period, has been recently updated to provide a warm and welcoming place with modern amenities. The church is home to an Anglican and a Romanian Orthodox congregation. It is an ideal venue for concerts and other events.

St Peter's in a small ancient church adjacent to Kettle's Yard Museum. It has a special atmosphere and a curious font!

The former St Giles' with St Peter's Burial Ground (now the Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground) has the graves of many city and university dignitaries, scientists and scholars in it including two Vice-Chancellors, three Nobel prize winners and the 20th century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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There is an active Friends Group whose aims are,

1. to preserve and enhance the building and grounds of Saint Giles’ Church, Cambridge

2. to promote and equip the building and grounds as a centre for the community