About Us


At the heart of Cambridge, Great St Mary's stands in the geographic centre of the the colleges, market, council and university offices that make up the historic city of Cambridge.

As University and Civic Church, Great St Mary's seeks to support the people of the University and of the city in their own discovery of faith. We are committed to worship that respects the tradition of the church but is open to change and development in theology and society. 

We hope that you will find a friendly welcome, a place of prayer, excellent music and stimulating preaching.

The parish is geographically very small, and almost all those who worship here live outside it. The church's work aims to reflect our position in the heart of the city, as the heart of the city.

It is this diverse community that worshippers enter when they come to church. It is this community that they come to know and pray for, alongside the wider concerns of our troubled world, as part of the work of lifting the world to God, through prayer and thanksgiving.