About Us

The church at Bury has a long history since the early 1960s of evangelical leadership; and lay involvement within worship has been encouraged.

A team of lay members assist with leading of worship, preaching and leading the young people’s groups.

Our current service structure (non-Covid times) is:

1st Sunday       9.30am           Café Sunday@Bury, commencing with breakfast in the church hall

2nd Sunday    11.15am          Sunday Praise with Holy communion and young people’s group(s)

3rd Sunday      9.30am           ‘First Bite’ (Fresh Expression in Bury school)

                         11.15am          Morning Worship in the church hall

4th Sunday   11.15am            Sunday Praise (2nd & 4th Sunday services may be swapped occasionally)

5th Sunday   (Times vary)      Combined 4 Parish service

Please see 'Services and events' for current services.