Eynesbury Church of England Primary School, Montagu Street, St Neots, PE19 2TD

Welcome to Eynesbury Church of England Primary School. We are a thriving, friendly learning community just across the road from our beautiful church building.

Our school serves the children in the Eynesbury area of St Neots, close to the town centre. We presently have approximately 250 children from 3-11 years old in our school; this includes children in our school-based Nursery.

Our new school motto is ‘Learn to Love, Love to Learn’. Underpinning the work of the school are our five key values: love, respect, courage, forgiveness and honesty.

We do not give up on ourselves or each other. We show courage in our everyday lives and in our learning. We show generosity of spirit and tenderness towards the people in our school community and those further afield. We love each other and care for everyone’s needs, respecting people’s specialness. As Jesus taught, we strive to be truthful and forgiving in everything we do.

St. Mary's Church and Eynesbury School have had a close connection for many years and two of our governors are appointed by the Parochial Church Council.

Collective worship is regularly conducted at the school by members of the Church team, and significant school services are held in the church through the year. Those leaving the school at the end of their primary education attend a leaving service, held in the church each year, to which family members and friends are invited.

The Revd Paul Hutchinson is the first Team Rector of the newly created parish of St Neots with Eynesbury and we look forward to working closely with him.