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CORONAVIRUS and our churches

All Church of England church and cathedral buildings have been closed since late March in order to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and the risk of people developing the COVID-19 illness. This means no weddings, baptisms or funerals can be held in our churches until further notice, although graveside and crematorium funerals are still permitted at the moment, with only members of the immediate family attending. But the people that make up the Church in our villages are still here - still praying and worshipping, caring for our neighbours and communities. We just do it differently - at home, and on line. There are many good resources available through the internet to help you pray and worship, to find what you need to help you through this strange and difficult time. You will find information about them, a homily for the week, and other resources on our news letter (under News & Notices on this page). Holy week and Easter will be a very odd time this year - no gathering to hear again the story of Jesus' Passion, no vigil, fires or great celebration of the empty tomb on Easter Sunday. That will happen later, at the end of what will feel like a very long Lent - when we will have a big party!

St Mary's is a small unspoilt 13thc church, sensitively restored by Caroe in 1903-6 - an oasis of calm is the countryside.  It stands near the centre of our small village, on the edge of a fen island, close to the New Bedford River.  We are a strong though small church community, doing our best to serve the whole village as it wishes and needs, and working closely with Mepal Union Chapel, as well as with the other parishes which which we share our priest - St Martin's Witcham and St Andrew's Sutton.

We welcome you either to our services (1st & 3rd Sundays 8am Holy Communion, 2nd and 4th Sundays 10.30am Parish Eucharist, 5th Sundays joint oecumenical service with St Martin's Witcham, St Andrew's Sutton and the Union Chapel, Mepal - phone 01353 778129 for details) - or for the pleasure of a visit.  We keep the church locked, but welcome visitors - please contact the churchwarden: Mrs Elizabeth Stazicker(01353) 778129, or failing her, Mrs Rosemary Wells (01353) 778620.

Our sister churches are close by.  They are of different sizes and traditions and have different facilities and services at different times.  We value the diversity.  Check their sites ( Witcham, St Martin - www.achurchnearyou.com/witcham-st-martin and Sutton-in-the-Isle, St Andrew - www.achurchnearyou.com/sutton-st-andrew) .

 Safeguarding: all three churches have adopted the House of Bishops' policy on safeguarding of children, youth and vulnerable adults, follow the Diocese of Ely's policy and procedures on safeguarding, and take very seriously our commitment to ensure the safety and flourishing of all. For further information, concerns and help on safeguarding in any of the three churches contact: Incumbent 01353 778722 or the Parish Safeguarding Officer 01353 778603. You may also contact the Diocese's Safeguarding Adviser 01353 652731 and Safeguarding Officer 01353 652735. If you are concerned about immediate risk to a child or vulnerable adult please contact the local council 0345 045 1362 (children) and 0345 045 5202 (adults) and 01733 234 724 out of hours, or the police.