St Peter

Safeguarding policy

Grunty Fen Group of Churches

Safeguarding (children and vulnerable adults) policy

These Parishes St.Peter's Church, Wilburton; St Peter’s Church, Wentworth; Holy Trinity Haddenham; St Andrew’s Church, Witchford

are committed to safeguarding all those who attend the worship and other activities that we offer. We follow the House of Bishops’ Policies, ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ (2017) ‘Protecting All God’s Children’ (2010), and the Diocese of Ely Policy and Procedures (2011). We seek to create a culture where everyone is included, respected, listened to, and taken seriously. We accept the prime duty of care for children and vulnerable adults, and have appointed a Safeguarding Officer to ensure that what we do is informed by up-to-date policies and procedures from local and national authorities.

Our Safeguarding Officer is:

Helen Carter

And she can be contacted on:

01353 740214

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Churchwarden (Susan Everitt)
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Churchwarden (Angie Yate)
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