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Getting here

Holy Trinity currently has a small but growing congregation which provides a welcome to newcomers and those not accustomed to attending church. We are very willing to provide pastoral help for those in need and assistance for those wanting a deeper faith or asking serious questions about Christianity.

We aim to teach the Bible in a way which is relevant to modern life and to make our services helpful to newcomers and visitors. We seek to assist people in coming to know and trust Christ better, and to follow him in their daily lives.

Some of our members are from a Central tradition in the Church of England, others from an Open Evangelical tradition.

We are aiming to help create a greater sense of community in the village and we seek to co-operate with the Methodist Church.

Holy Trinity works on the principle that it is called to serve the whole community, not only those attending the church. As part of that we want to encourage people to find out more about the Christian Faith and to come to a sense of personal relationship with Christ.

Would you like to get to know the Bible better?

Phil Fay is leading an informal mid-week group on Monday evenings from 7.00 - 8.30pm at 'Red Creek' Squires Hill, Marham (the 3rd home on the right - a bungalow set back from the road - up the road to the right of the church). The group meets most weeks but there are occasional gaps so please ring 01760 444199 to check if it is meeting on any particular week.

Many people, whether church members or not, feel daunted by the Bible, yet are curious to find out more. Phil will  try and explain some of the Bible books and help us to see the bigger picture. No previous knowledge required. Questions are welcome. You don’t have to join in discussion unless you want to. All enquiries or if you need a lift (in the immediate Marham area) 01760 444199

What is the meaning of life? Explore Life in the Alpha Course

This informal, non-academic 10-session course is for you if:     This course has a movable date and can be run by an invited Minister:

You are not interested in church but want to know more about Christianity, or You attend church occasionally and want to find out more about Christianity, or You are a church member but would like your faith clarified.

No pressure to attend church; No written work required. DVD, discussion, & chat.

For details and dates contact  Phil Fay  01760 444199[email protected] // )

Facebook, Twitter and Email about the End Times

Rev Tony Higton writes:                    Rev Higton is no longer Minister at Marham but his teaching is online and can be followed  by the links below.

One of my concerns is to encourage a sensible approach to eschatology (the doctrine of the End Times – the Return of Jesus, Judgment, Heaven etc.). Many Christians (including Christian leaders) neglect this, either because they don’t feel competent to deal with it or because they are embarrassed by unbalanced extremists who predict the world will end next Tuesday!

I want to help rectify this by providing Christian teaching and also comment on current events and trends, with particular reference to anything relevant to Jesus’ teaching on the signs of the End Times. So I shall be concentrating mainly, but not exclusively, on eschatology.

The New Testament really does teach we should be thinking frequently about the End Times. Jesus stressed the Kingdom which is ultimately eschatological. He taught us to pray regularly for his eschatological Kingdom to come (in the Lord’s Prayer). He also said we are to celebrate Communion and so to proclaim his death “until he comes.” Communion looks forward as well as backwards. I counted 118 passages on eschatology in the NT excluding the Book of Revelation. This includes 8 major passages plus a whole book - Revelation. For more information on eschatology, including articles and recent Facebook messages, see

If you wish to catch up with earlier Facebook messages on eschatology please go to

So, if you know any others who would be interested, please encourage them to get in touch on Twitter (@TonyHigton) Facebook ( or Email ([email protected] // ).


The building is a typical village church dating from the 13th Century but with a Norman door in the north wall. There is an impressive monument tomb dating from 1603 in the south aisle. There are interesting carved pews dating from the 15th Century, a Tudor altar table and a wooden chest with the date 1725. The Royal Arms of James I feature at the base of the interior tower wall, north side. The floor tiles in the nave are rare and medieval and the font dates from around 1400. It is a Grade 1 listed building.


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