Church of England Diocese of Ely St. Peter, March

Update from Community Mission Worker Rachel Hawksworth

13 Mar 2021, 3 p.m.
Hello everyone!

It is a shame I have not been able to meet many of you in person, but I do hope the time will come when we can all meet in person again.

I started this role at the end of September when it looked like things were beginning to open up. Quite soon after this, more restrictions came into place, meaning it has been impossible to meet people out in the Community in the way I would wish. At times I have found this frustrating. I do pray that as things open, I would begin to get to know the community better. On a personal note, I moved into my own home at the end of November. This is the first time I have lived on my own and I am excited for this change. I have settled in well and am very fortunate to have been given lots of furniture by people locally & from family.

Much of my time since starting this role has been spent helping with Chat-Tea. Although making local connections has been difficult with restrictions, I have contacted MIND and other local organisations to see how we can work collaboratively together to improve mental health provision. I have also been involved in helping to set up a Community Fridge in March, alongside other local volunteers. I hope that as I begin to get to know the community better, I will begin to see where the Holy Spirit is already at work here in March.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Q&A Evening on Tuesday the 16th of February via Zoom. Information has been circulated about this in this newsletter. When I started this role, I noticed that communications between the Changing Market Towns project and the congregation members within March have been limited. This Q&A Evening was the first step of many in trying to change this. As a team we are hoping to host more events (hopefully in person at some stage), so we can hear your questions & opinions, as well as your ideas about changes you would like to see in March.

In the market town of Ramsey, a bridging group has been set up to look at how communications between the Changing Market Towns project and congregation members can be improved. This is something we are now trying to implement in March, although with four Churches this may be more difficult to manage. This group will also support Rebecca, Karen & I in our work locally, acting as space for ideas to be circulated and discussed. This is in the planning stages and we are still looking at how best to make this work, but if you would be interested in being part of this group please do contact me.

If you would like to meet virtually or arrange a call to discuss any of this, or if you would just like to have a chat, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me via my email which is:

[email protected]