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Our churches may be closed, but we still have to protect and care for them if we are to ensure their future within our town for generations to come. Never before have our churches been forced to remain closed in this way; never before have we needed you so much, to step in as guardians of these magnificent pieces of architecture, the visible symbols of our faith and its ability to carry us through this unprecedented time.

While our buildings are closed, there are no regular services and also no baptisms, weddings or funerals in church; the local church receives no fees from the only funerals currently permitted, which take place at the graveside or crematorium. As these and all other services are not taking place, we have lost collection income too and if our giving goes down, so does the amount we can claim through Gift Aid. In addition to this, we have no income from Hall lettings and virtually if not all Fundraising and Social events have ceased.

While our churches are currently closed due to Covid-19, thankfully we are spending less on energy consumption for heating, lighting and water; evidently we are not spending on bread, wine, candles, and little on paper and other consumables, and so far (luckily) we have had little call on resources to repair and maintain the buildings.


• We still have to pay for insurance

• We still have to pay fixed energy costs.

• We still have to have safety and electrical equipment inspections.

• We still have to pay our contribution to the cost of ministry.

We are still receiving some funds from direct debits and standing orders, and several people are putting money in envelopes at home, or saving up money for the church in other ways, but much of this income is not yet getting to us, and the regular weekly banking of money has had to be suspended.

So we need to ask for a bit of help from you during this current crisis! Please view the above links and support us in any way you can - thank you!!


"There is no denying that our lives have changed, and will continue to change. We are in strange times, when many normal things have had to evolve and we are finding ourselves having to make decisions, adjustments and compromises that most likely would never have arisen if it wasn’t for the current pandemic.

We are acutely aware of the variety of different situations that our congregations and communities are finding themselves in currently: some may be making financial savings in this new way of life, whereas others may have lost large parts of their income or be facing the risk of unemployment.

This message is sent with genuine empathy towards the plethora of difficult emotions being experienced; anxiety, stress, isolation, bereavement and mourning, to name but a few. We as a collective Ministry Team want to continue offering pastoral and spiritual guidance to you and the wider community during this time. We are in this storm together and need to support one another with faith, hope and love.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your generosity, for your continuing prayers and for the support you are offering to one another at this strange time.

"Stay in touch, take care, keep safe, continue praying and God bless."

Rev'd Andrew