About Us

For church services and events throughout our Benefice/Group, please visit our (Seven Towers) Benefice website http://www.seventowers.org.uk

For more information about the Church, please visit new website http://www.downhatherleychurch.moonfruit.com

For information about the Village, please visit new website http://www.down-hatherley-village.moonfruit.com

The Rector of the Group is Revd Martin Thompson, Tel: 01452-731994, email: [email protected]

Down Hatherley Church features among only 30 churches nationwide in the BBC Songs of Praise book

"The Nation's Favourite Churches" by Andrew Barr , published by Lion Hudson (ISBN: 13: 978 0 7459 5220 8

ISBN: 10: 0 7459 5220 8).