About Us

One of the riches of Cheltenham is that there are Churches of many different traditions from formal Anglo-Catholic to Evangelical prayer and praise. Pip and Jims are somewhere in the middle and draw people from across differing traditions.

Pip and Jims aims to be an inclusive and family-friendly church. We have a cross section of ages including toddlers, young families, teenagers and upwards. Our singing encompasses the best of old and some of the new and is often led by our choir and worship group. Our worship is liturgical but not stuffy and follows the seasons of the Church year. Our preaching aims to be biblical, challenging and addressing contemporary social and political issues.

We are a congregation that has a strong sense of gathering as the body of Christto be transformed by his word and fed by his sacrament. Our desire is both to see Christ in the world and to be Christ in the world; sharing his love and working for the coming of his Kingdom. To this end we are involved with many local community and voluntary organisations. We aim to be welcoming, generous, relevant, inspiring and transforming but we remain ‘saints in the refining’ and we will not always get it right!

If this sounds like the kind of Church where you may be able to deepen your own Christian pilgrimage, do come and find out more.