About Us

St. Christopher's was built in 1961 as a dual purpose church and community centre. Later halls were added and the original building became a full-time church. In 2000/01 as a Millennium project the front was extended, a spire and bells added, to 'make it look more like a church'.

The church has a set of 10 Tom Denny windows depicting 10 different parables (there is a leaflet in the notices area), a liturgical 'East' window by Sebastian Compere and 2 new etched glass windows by Nicholas Mynher.

The 6 bells are the lightest ring of bells in a church in the world.

The church is open every day from 9am to 4pm.

St. Christopher's is part of the South Cheltenham Team. The other churches in the group are St. Philip & St. James Leckhampton, St. Peter's Leckhampton, St. Stephen's Tivoli and CNC with Emmanuel.

The vicar is Reverend Lauren Gate. Email: [email protected]