Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Avening

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Below are some details for normal times. Sadly Baptisms and Weddings are not not being held at present for health reasons and there are significant restrictions on funerals, they cannot, for example, occur in church.

Baptism [Christening]
Baptism marks the entry into the Christian community. We welcome enquiries about Baptism or a service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child. Where possible Baptisms take place within the Sunday morning service but other arrangements are possible.
Adults are also baptised and this is often in conjunction with Confirmation.

Residents of the village are eligible to be married in their parish church. There are also other qualifying conditions – please consult the parish priest about these. We can help you plan the service and its music and we also offer marriage preparation days.

We take funerals in church or at a crematorium, whether or not those involved are regular churchgoers. We can provide guidance on the service and support for relatives at such a difficult time.
Those resident in a village have the right to be buried in their parish churchyard. This is a good main C of E site for services and good entry to the site as a whole.