About Us

St Faith’s is a community church in the West End of Lincoln.  We are always looking for new ways we can serve the community, to be at the heart of things as a people of God and not just a church building. It is not easy to sum up what St Faith’s church in a few words, but here are some of the ideas we are working on:

<div> Offering worship to God, which engages our minds as well as our hearts. Praying regularly for the community and all who live and work here. Offering acceptance and hospitality, welcome and companionship. Marking the important milestones in life. Listening to God in Scripture, through the Sacraments and in one another. “Being there” in difficult times. Exploring a spirituality based on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Discovering the God who is already at work within us.

                                                                         ST FAITH’S VISION

                                                                               St Faith’s

                                                                       Growing in Faith

                                                                  Building Relationships

                                                                  Serving the Community

                                                                         All are Welcome

For information about the history of the church, please go to our website at: http://stfaithslincoln.org.uk.