About Us

An open, inclusive, welcoming, vibrant, and worshipping parish church can make a massive difference in every community. Experience has shown that each parish is as unique as its own grid reference. However, they have universal unifying principles; they are all places that the community and congregation have passed through at different life stages, and they are places where people have found meaning, and developed self and mutual acceptance. Churches are often the most prominent places in a community and most permanent proclamations of the Gospel we have, as well as a testament to their years of service. A spiritual and sacred centre of each village, town, or city; they represent and tell the story of the community in which they are set. The stability and rootedness of our parish churches have much to offer our disparate and ever-changing world.

All of us in the Parish of Boston take this role very seriously and we consistently aim to be a place of hospitality, where people can come and feel they belong, as well as grow in the faith of Christ.

Ministry Team

The Parish of Boston