05. Rector's Newsletter

Rector's Newsletter for August 2022

Together we have it all…

This time of year is usually a time to get out the burgers and sausages, the charcoal briquettes (and the all-important apron for the men), and have a barbeque - weather permitting of course, and preferably not the cheap foil disposable ones which can lead to all kinds of environmental issues in this hot dry weather. And strangely, barbeque coals got me thinking..…

If you aren't able to do this physically, then perhaps try and go along with the idea...?

The next time you barbecue, after the coals are nice and red-hot, take six coals out and set them safely aside somewhere. Then take one coal out and set it aside safely all by itself apart from the others, and watch what happens.

The “family” of six burning coals will stay hot for a while, but not as long as the many coals in the barbeque itself, they will keep hot for hours. And the poor coal that is “living on its own” will cool very quickly apart from the other coals.

If we want to stay red hot in our walk with God, we need to stay connected to the big pile of coals. We need to keep our little family of coals together as often as possible with the other coals where we can draw heat from each other and help others by sharing our heat.

On our own we can often ‘cool’ in our faith and our walk with God – we’ve all seen it happen far too many times. There are those who have been part of our worshipping community and now, for many and complex reasons, are separated from us and in danger of ‘cooling’ in their faith walk.

One of the crucial tasks of our church today, a responsibility we all share together, is to work hard and sensitively to bring and welcome back those single coals, back to the love and warmth of their church family, where together, we can all burn brightly for our loving God.

And finally, we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

With every blessing this August.

Revd Paul

The Revd Paul Wilson

Rector of the Epworth Benefice

St. Andrew’s, Epworth.

St. Mary’s, West Butterwick.

St. Pancras, Wroot.