Church of England Diocese of Lincoln West Butterwick

05. Rector's Newsletter

Rector's Newsletter for April 2021

What are you worth…?

Many people in the world today have little self-worth. Perhaps they’ve heard repeatedly throughout their lives that their useless or worthless. So what are we actually worth?

Well, physically our bodies are made up on average of:

Enough fat to make 7 bars of soap

Enough iron to make 1 medium sized nail

Enough phosphorus to make 4000 matches

Enough sulphur to rid 1 dog of fleas

Enough sugar to make 7 cups of tea

Enough magnesium for 1 dose of salts

So how much do you think all this adds up to? Well, about £15.00 give or take! Not much is it?

We live in a world where the message seems to be the more money, better looks, greater job and bigger house you have, the more important you are and the more you are worth.

Christians believe that God puts an even greater value on us than that - and it doesn’t matter what we look like, or what we are good at or what we own. Christians believe that God values each and every one of us so much that he was prepared to sacrifice his own Son so that we could have a friendship with him.

The Gospel is utterly realistic. Neither Jesus nor anyone else makes any pretence that life is going to be easy. There is pain, there is suffering, and some of it comes purely and simply as a result of faith in God. For some Christians, greater numbers of them than we will ever know, the cost of their faith in God is painful and terrible injustice, persecution and hatred.

In the face of all this, Jesus' words are insistent, ‘Do not be afraid, take heart, never forget that God loves you.’ And as Christians, we must never forget what happened after the crucifixion and death of Jesus – the glorious and miraculous Resurrection!

It is very hard, but perhaps it is only when we can learn to abandon ourselves completely to the love of God and when we can accept both suffering and joy as gifts from God, even as signs of his love for us, that we too can be freed from fear to live full lives as children of God and as people of the Resurrection.

Let us take courage, then, and abandon ourselves to God’s overwhelming, outrageous and extravagant love, that puts no price cap on our value or worth and welcomes us into the joy of the Resurrection life where everything, including us, is made new.

With every blessing during this season of Easter


The Revd Paul Wilson

Rector of the Epworth Benefice

St. Andrew’s Epworth, St. Mary’s West Butterwick & St. Pancras Wroot.