About Us

We are a Grade 2* listed church in a small village on the A156 between Lincoln and Gainsborough. We are the only remaining building from the days of three parish churches and two priories.  A stone memorial to Margaret de Multon,  prioress at the nunnery, now provides our main alter.  A sheela na gig, which is thought to have been used to teach young girls the facts of life before marriage, is inside the church on the west corner of the south wall.

Our font is thought to be of late Saxon or Norman origin, it is a large tub shape with a stiff leaf frieze along the upper part. The Spode Font Basin was made at the Spode factory in Stoke on Trent.

We have a weekly service of either a Eucharist or Morning  Prayer at 11am each Sunday, although the first Sunday in the month is rotated around our group of four churches – so best to check where we are if you are attending on the first Sunday. 

In addition, during Lent and Advent we have a said Eucharist one morning a week.  For details of this and other services and events please contact us.

We are a small, friendly congregation and all are warmly welcomed, refreshments are served after every Sunday morning ser