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Chad (old English Ceadda) was a prominent 7th century Angol Saxon churchman,who became Bishop of the Mercians and Lindsey people. Later he was canonised as a Saint.

There has been a Church on this site since that time and was operated under the direction of Bishop Chad.

The church was mentioned in the Domesday book(1086) which tells us that “ Stepinge “ had a Norman Church.

The church fell into disrepair but was rebuilt in the 14 th century by Thomas de Redyng who was  priest at Little Steeping from 1318 until his death in 1353. During his time here he transformed the simple Norman  building by constructing his new church with aisles and Chancel. The tower would probably have been completed after his death.

The Rec John Stubbs was appointed Rector in 1592. The roof and walls of the chancel must have been in a delapidated state when he arrived. Unfortunately , in 1606 the roof and walls of the chancel collapsed and the Rector was prosecuted by his parishioners for his failure to maintain the ( thacking of the chancel). Thacking seems to be the construction of the roof with slats and thatching over them. The Rector made use of the materials in the churchyard to effect the repairs. Old grave monuments and grave stones were used.

In 1635 the nave roof fell into disrepair and needed complete reconstruction. The old timbers were replaced with green oak from the Forest of Well near Alford. These timbers lasted well into the 20th Century. One piece is still in place adjacent to the tower.

In 1859 the Rev Edward Steer became Rector and found the church to be almost a ruin. He made urgent repairs. The village carpenter John Chambers and Mr Steer worked together to re-seat the nave, build a new pulpit , repair the chancel screen and improve the interior of the chancel. Mrs Steer contributed funds for the reflooring of the belfry. She also paid for a cracked bell to be re-cast and hung in a new frame at a cost of £112.

In 1912 a complete renovation of the church was carried out using many of the ideas planned and drafted by the Rev Edward Steere which had been stored in the Parish Chest.

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