Following the rapid development of the Steam Engine in the late 1800s, and the extension of the main rail line, to Grimsby and subsequently Cleethorpes, hard working Mill workers of the Yorkshire area could for the first time, at a very modest fare, travel speedily to the coast for a day. They liked what they found here, and in lots of cases, moved to the area and took work at the local docks. As a result Cleethopes was developing in size and numbers, and although St Aidan's Church had been only opened in 1906, it was felt that another Church building was needed, so Christ Church was built approximately a mile away and became daughter Church to the Parish of Old Clee. It was opened and Dedicated by the then Bishop of Lincoln. Rt Rev Edward Hicks, on Tuesday 19th September 1911. This is the subject of a large framed newspaper article and photograph, featured on the left wall of the Church.

Around the time of the Second World War, the Church was used as a base by the Church Army for their services on the beach, where residents and visitors could lean on the promenade rail and sing hymns displayed on a large sheet, which would be turned over ready for the next hymn. The Salvation Army would have their services nearby.

Certainly by the mid to late 1960s, there was a Sunday School of over 80 children, with a number of the teachers and children, still attending the Church now. As with many Churches, congregations have fallen, but there is still an active Church here, with a regular Sunday Service, Ladies Group, Scouts, Cubs,and Beavers, Hobbies and Tai Chi Groups, contact the Church Warden for more details.