About Us

St. Mary's church Marshchapel has been described by the Lincoln Diocesan Architectural Society as

"One of the finest fabrics in the district of the Perpendicular period."

Records show that the church was probably completed by 1420, and is Grade 1 listed.

The church interior wood carving is a special point of interest. Visitors must see the Chancel carved wood

Angels, the carved Rood Screen, the elaborate Pulpit, the carved Font Cover, and the 134 Pew "poppies",

everyone of which is different, all carved by a local craftsman.  The tower bells are also of particular interest

details of the bells can be seen on a description in the entrance porch.  The bells can be heard being rung

for 15 minutes before each service at 10am on the first and third service of each month.

We are currently seeking benefactors to help fund improvements to our bells.