About Us

Welcome to the Parish Church of St James

Visit this special place – stand and wonder in this house of prayer and home of saints. This has been a place of prayer and worship for well over a millennium. The current building dates from 1170 and the church was finished in 1515 with the completion of its crowning glory – the tallest mediaeval parish church spire in England.

An earlier church here was home of Saint Aethelheard (an eighth century abbot, who went on to become Archbishop of Canterbury) and Saint Herefrith, (a Bishop of Lindsey who was buried here after being martyred by the invading Vikings). The oldest visible reminder of our heritage is an Anglo-Saxon Louth Cross which dates from the mid tenth century, whilst the earliest parts of the current building date from 1170. 

As well as being a place of prayer and worship, we are open to the community and visitors throughout the year, and our Coffee Shop – ‘Under the Spire’ – serves hot and cold drinks and refreshments from 10 30am six days a week from Easter until Christmas. There is also a Gift Shop, run by the Friends of St James, stocking a range of souvenirs and gifts.

We welcome you and hope that you will find something to cherish in this holy place.