Church of England Diocese of Liverpool St. Margaret, Anfield

About Us

The present St. Margaret's church was opened in 1965 and replaces a building of 1875 which was destroyed by fire. The interior space manages to suggest both the immanence and the transcendence of God. The congregation is drawn from the local area and we express our faith through the Catholic tradition within the Church. St. Margaret's is a prayerful place and daily prayer is from the Daily Office SSF. We believe that Christ is incarnate in communities like ours because they are not places for the wealthy and powerful. We work hard to affirm the theological wisdom of UPA communities and to listen to what is said about who God is and what salvation means. We enjoy close links with the church school and our ecumenical neighbours. We believe that the Parish Church is a wonderful thing and rejoice in the task of praising God and serving his Kingdom in this place. We are a happy community.