Church of England Diocese of Liverpool St. Margaret, Anfield

St Margaret's Sing to the Lord

7 Aug 2021, 1 p.m.

The government loosened restrictions aimed at combatting the COVID pandemic on Monday July 19th. St. Margaret's PCC met on 25th July to conduct a risk assessment and decide what we might be able to do in light of the changes the government made.

We decided that people should still be asked to wear face coverings in church and to observe social distancing. We also decided that we should still observe the one way system for moving around the building. 

However, we agreed that people, instead of a 20 second hand wash,  might sanitize their hands on entering the church. Of course, the hand wash would still be available for those who preferred it.

We also agreed to reintroduce congregational hymn singing and the singing of the liturgy. The restrictions on singing have been experienced as a great loss and we are delighted we can now start  singing again. We do expect people to wear face coverings while singing, which is not ideal, but we believe it worth the inconvenience.