About Us



Christ Church & Centre is the local Church of England church serving the Netherley and Woodlands estates of South Liverpool. It is both a lively, welcoming church and a busy community centre meeting the social, educational & spiritual needs of the local area. People of all ages are welcome to join us for our friendly, informal worship services on a Sunday. Throughout the week, our community drop-in centre is buzzing with resources and activities for the benefit of the local community - of any faith or none. We exist to live out our faith in Christ in a meaningful and practical way in the community and regularly visit the local care homes (Garden Lodge,Woodlands and Vancouver house). If there is anyone you want us to support please contact us

If you want any information about baptisms, weddings or funerals, or are looking for a venue for a social event please contact us via the contact page. Further information on baptisms can be found at the Church of England web site www.churchofenglandchristenings.org

Why not pay us a visit and see what we can offer you?