About Us

Worshipping Christ for a thousand years

St Mary's, known to most locals as 'Walton Church', is the ancient mother church of the whole region.  Before there was a parish church in Liverpool, and long before either of the two cathedrals in Liverpool, there was Walton!

Walton Church has always striven to balance tradition and creativity—and the centuries-old with the everyday.  It's a place where the beauty of the worship is matched by the welcome visitors and families receive.

A lively church with an active musical tradition and glorious acoustic, plus architecture known for its tower of eight bells, unique stained glass, and historical features (baptismal font, over 800 years old, and the remnant of a large Saxon cross, over 900 years old).

1086 mentioned in Domesday Book

1326 rebuilt

1741 nave rebuilt

1810 chancel rebuilt

1834 tower rebuilt

1941 destroyed in May Blitz

1953 rebuilt and rededicated

County Road and Church Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool L4 5PW