St. Andrew's Community Network

St Andrew’s Community Network began in 2002 out of a desire by St Andrew’s Church to provide support for vulnerable local people. The church has continued to be a huge supporter of our work and many of our volunteers are from our church and other local churches; but we are thrilled that people who do not belong to a church still feel comfortable working and volunteering with us.

We offer hope to people who often feel that there is no hope, whether it is because of overwhelming debt, or the difficulties that living on benefits can bring. We are an organisation that places a high value on each person we support. We are passionate about our local community of Clubmoor and its surrounding neighbourhoods, and that these people consistently comment on how they feel welcomed and cared for when they come through our doors. Some of the people we have journeyed with have now become trustees, employees, and volunteers.

Our vision remains to respond to the needs of our community. However, over the past 3 years we have also realised that we can help others to transform their communities too, so we seek to work in partnership with other churches and community groups, and to create models that can remain responsive to local need but can also grow.