Our Mission:

Regardless of who you are, where you are from or what kind of past you have, you will always be welcomed here at St. Mark’s Church, Scarisbrick.

Built within 1848-51, St . Mark’s Chruch was built in the small rural community of Scarisbrick, West Lancashire. Consecrated in 1853 by the Bishop of Chester, our Chapel has been serving the people of Scarisbrick and Southport faithfully for many years. As a small church, once inside, you can easily see how significant a role, this beautiful church has played within the community of Scarisbrick over the last 150 years.

Our aim is to create relationships of faith within our community.  To reach out to each other and help our neighbour and offer spiritual growth under Christ’s name.  All are welcome.

Mission Statement:

   > To deliver Jesus’s Teachings;

   > To love God and each other as Jesus taught us, bringing his love to all, through our Welcome, Worship and way of life.

   > To reach out to those in the community;

   > To create a Living Church, that includes all, from every background, age, gender, class and race;

   > To give sanctuary and offer practical, emotional and spiritual advice;

   > To offer fellowship, support and spiritual growth;

   > To share and celebrate Christ’s love and wisdom with all.