About Us


The Mount is an exciting, vibrant & welcoming new church in Parr, St Helens. We are an Anglican church newly planted in St Helens as part of The Church of England’s strategic plan to plant more churches to reach and serve the younger generation. We are part of the Transform North West Project which provides us with some start-up funding and resources to help us develop and grow. We are also pleased to be part of the national New Wine network.

​We have been radically transformed by Jesus's radical love for us and aim to share that with our community by being there and offering hope. We are passionate about justice, caring for those on the margins & seeing people become their best selves.

​Our journey is just beginning, but we'd love you to come and play your part in it. Whoever you are, we believe you can find a home with us, become part of a welcoming, loving and creative community & find real purpose in life.

​'A Christian does not think God will love them because they are good, but that God will make them good because he loves them.' CS Lewis