The idea of building a Church at Hindley Green probably began to take shape in 1889 and Reverend Miller (Curate of All Saints) originated the “Hindley Green Church Extension Fund”. In 1894, Roger Leigh promised a site for the Church and a Committee was formed in March 1894. A plan to build a temporary Iron Church was considered and abandoned. Mr. Deacon of Liverpool was invited to prepare plans for a permanent Church. These were approved and in April 1898 the tender of Preston and Hurst of Wigan to build the Church was accepted, the foundation stone was laid on 11th June 1898 by Mr. J.C. Eckersley, MA, J.P. of Wigan. The service was conducted by Reverends Buckmaster and Miller. In November 1898. Reverend Miller was appointed Vicar of Billinge and the Reverend W. Martin, MA came into residence as Curate in Charge on 28th April 1899.

The original intention was to omit the South Aisle but Mr. J.C. Eckersley, who had already contributed generously to the Fund, guaranteed an overdraft so that this part would be built.

The new Church was consecrated on 28th October 1899 by Right Reverend Bishop Royston, acting on behalf of the Lord Bishop of Liverpool. To that time the total cost of the Church, including temporary furnishings was £4,750, of which £1,799 had been given by Mr. Eckersley.