About Us

We are the ancient historic parish church for Barbican, Old Street and Moorgate, and we welcome everyone, whether to a carol service, a concert, or simply to come and sit here quietly in the course of the working day. The main service on Sundays is the Parish Eucharist at 10.00am. The church is open during the week Mondays - Fridays 11am – 4.00pm.  For further details of services and events please visit our website.

Our Location

The Parish of St Giles' with St Luke's is unique in the City of London Deanery in that people live here. There is a large settled residential community with some people able to trace their roots back 400 years in the neighbourhood - a truly 'inner city village' with its village church. There are many children and young people coming into the parish to attend our primary schools, a special needs school, and an independent girls' school.

There is also a significant proportion of elderly people either living on the estates or coming in each day to centres and lunch clubs. Whitecross Street which runs north of the Barbican Centre has a weekday food market with a wide variety of high-quality food on offer, bringing city workers back day after day. It is also an important meeting place for the community and ensures there is still 'village' life in the heart of a capital city

Each weekday the neighbourhood is transformed by the thousands of office workers who commute to this part of the City.There is always building work being carried out, and the expansion of offices north of the square mile has changed the nature of this part of the parish.

The Barbican Centre, with its concert hall, theatres, cinemas and restaurants brings people here in the evenings. Seen from the Centre, St Giles is a distinctive landmark. Many tourists and schools visit the London Museum on the edge of the parish.

During term-time we enjoy the company of students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, with their new concert hall and theatre in Milton Court and the Cass Business School, City University London in Bunhill Row.

We also serve our wonderful Church of England Primary School, St Luke's.

The YMCA hostel in Errol Street provides 146 beds for homeless young Londoners.

Four Livery Companies have their halls in the parish, there are many civic links with the Corporation of London and St Giles is used as a polling station.

Our Mission

We are here to love God and to make Christ known in word and deed. We are an inclusive church and welcome all comers.

Strengthened by this knowledge, these are our objectives for the coming year.(2018/19)

What we stand for

I We are energised by our faith

We celebrate God through regular worship and prayer and pilgrimage

Music is a central part of St Giles – we praise God through singing, organ playing, bell ringing and concerts

ll We make room for others

We embrace diversity in our church

We seek to build a positive atmosphere for our visitors.

lII We look outwards

We will give a warm welcome to all our congregation - new and old

Our church is open during the week, offering space for prayer, for peace and information about our history

We support international and local charities – and members of the congregation in their individual fund-raising ventures

We are committed to raising the issue of hidden poverty within the parish

We consider the wider world in how we purchase goods for the church

lV We are inquisitive

We are ready to explore our faith – St Giles offers the chance to discuss themes and views on faith and religion

V We adapt and grow

We seek ways to ensure we can maintain our church – it is a living place and to generate revenues from a range of sources

We are able to evolve and adapt as events demand

V. We build community

Our church is a sacred place for the benefit of our community

We look towards the wider community, local and virtual. Our events are for everyone – attenders and non-attenders alike

Children are an important part of our church – through the Sunday Club and through their roles in services, we are building a congregation that is confident of sharing the gospel with future generations