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The Reverend Susan Makin

Getting here

Welcome to our page!

We have a Parish Eucharist at 10am every Sunday. Everyone is welcome,whether you have been to a church before or not, and during term time we have provision for children. During the holidays we have a specially adapted mass to include and engage everyone.

We normally have servers and incense and a sung mass setting. We use a mixture of contemporary and traditional music. Our acoustics are excellent and we have a superb organist.

You don't need anything special to come- come as you are. If it's enough for God, it's enough for us.

Morning prayer which is a gentle, quieter experience is said in the Lady chapel Monday- Thursday morning at 9am.

We have a beautiful spaces that are waiting to be used - a great community space ripe for an exhibition or concert ( have we said our acousics are excellent? ) and a lovely cosy church hall -  OUR HEATING WORKS! contact us .

For more details of our study groups and activities please see the website It's undergoing some changes but has the basics on it, if you need to know anything else, or have any questions  email the vicar.


St Mary of Eton was founded as a Mission of Eton College and is still very much a mission orientated congregation reaching out to a very diverse local community. Our worship patterns follow Common Worship and are liturgical in feel and flavour. We have an organ which we use at all main worship. For full details of our current serves and activities please consult our church website

Hackney Wick
E9 5JA

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