Saint Augustine's Church, Grahame Park NW95SY - Follow our services online!

St Augustine's was built in 1975 and since then has served Grahame Park housing estate in North London.

Our Sunday Mass at 10am is sung and attended by all ages. We welcome new people and rejoice that we're drawn from such a diverse set of communities. We are Catholic Anglicans, Our parish is under the episcopal care of The See of Fulham. We pray for the unity Christ's Catholic and Apostolic church. Our church also functions as a family and community center. We currently offer art-workshops, guitar and piano tutorials for children of school age. Saint Augustine's also has a day time, Offsted-funded Nursery for 2-5 year old.


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The Rev'd Dr Joseph Gabor

Saint Augustine's Church
Great Field NW9 5SY LONDON


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Morning Mass (combined with Morning prayer and Lectio Divina)

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 7:45 a.m. for 55m
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Saint Augustine's Church, Great Field NW9 5SY LONDON
email: [email protected]

Our Eucharists are combined with the Morning or Evening Prayers. We are using Common Worship prayer book for these services. You can find the daily text for the prayers here:
or you can buy your hard-copy here:
Alternatively, online texts of Morning and Evening Prayer: OR: OR

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We cooperate with our friend, the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, Cambridge by sharing their resources. Please, have a look at these short courses, talks, and spiritual retreats. Please, download our latest brochure.

Saint Augustine's Church, Grahame Park NW95SY - Follow our services online! Charity No. 1154964