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11 Dec 2020, 10 a.m.
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If your would like to make some nice Christmas tree decorations few ideas are here: 'THE BIG CHRISTMAS TREE CHALLENGE'

Or, if you would like to make your own creative paper advent-wreath

or, paint a candle:, for this also have a look at the technique of 'negative painting'

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<div data-contents="true"><div data-block="true" data-editor="62mmt" data-offset-key="ap318-0-0"><div data-offset-key="ap318-0-0">Dear Parents and Kids, let us mark this Advent and Christmas season together! We set up a Christmas tree in our church. If you are in a comfortable walking distance from you, the challenge is this. Make some simple Christmas-tree decorations, and on one Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or even on a week-day, visit our church and put your decoration on our Christmas tree. Then you can make a photo or selfie of it:)
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From 20 December our Crib is will be already on - only the Baby Jesus will be missing from it till Christmas Day. Come over when it is comfy for you (apart from Nursery Hours Mo-Fri 9 am-3 pm you can come any day till 6 pm). At the back of your decoration, just leave your first name, and a 'fantasy name', like 'butterfly'. There will be a competition whose tiny decoration Santa and the Baby Jesus liked most. Winners will be announced on this Facebook:) and on our homepage our homepage. There will be a box next to our tree, into which you can put your message for Santa, or your prayer request. If you would like to remember someone, just leave a note under the Christmas tree. You can light a candle also, if you wish. Adults can also write a letter to Santa, 'What is my hope for Colindale and the estate where I live?' So why not visit a 'mystery house', our lovely Church. Venue: Saint Augustine's Church, NW9 5SY, Great Field. If you come by car, please, use the the church's parking lots (right on the side of the church.)

If you don't live nearby, why don't you email your own decoration to us to [email protected] or to our Facebook page ([email protected])