About Us


St James' is an Inclusive Church welcoming all regardless of age, gender, background, ethnicity, disability or sexuality and a registered Visible Community with OneBodyOneFaith  We are particularly well known as the home to The Sherriff Centre, an innovative initiative that gives a home to the local Main Branch Post Office, Cafe, shop and Children's play centre called Hullabaloo.

Open every day from 8am-6pm St James' is at the heart of the local community welcoming 3,500 people a week through our doors, many of them young families and most with no connection to the Church. We run a debt advice service, and collect food donations for the work of the St Laurence Larder, our local Soup Kitchen and Food Bank.

Our Mission Statement is 'Celebrating God's love to all' and we really do try to do that.</span>

Our congregation is small - around 50 people, and most in their 30's and 40's. We have a smattering of young families. We worship in a relaxed style whilst trying to preserve our Anglican and Catholic heritage - which basically means we are Eucharistic, use incense, say the Hail Mary and some of us sit on the cafe sofas during the Mass. Being a small congregation with the seating close to the altar there is an intimacy to our worship that we try to cultivate

We enjoy regular lunches after Sunday Mass.  We seek to be open and welcoming and to communicate both why we worship, why we worship as we do and how our lives are enhanced and strengthened by prayer and by fellowship.

We are also well known for our support for LGBTQIA people and are the home of OPEN TABLE LONDON which is led by LGBTQIA people, although everybody is welcome to attend. OPEN TABLE LONDON meets on the third Sunday of every month at 6.30pm with a service at 7.00pm.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the love of God active in this community.