Church of England Diocese of London St. Peter with St. Martin Edmonton

Supporting our Local Community: Thursday Meals

5 May 2020, 11:45 a.m.
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Since the beginning of April, St Peter's has been working in partnership with a London based charity called 'Bread and Butter' through an existing association with Bountagu.  Every Thursday meals cooked by Bread and Butter with food from teh Felix Project are delivered to St Peter's.  Volunteers frtom Bountagu and St Peter's then distrubute them to those in the need in the local community, including a nearby sheltered housing block for the elderly.  It is proving a positive ministry for all concerned as we get to know more about our local area and the needs of those who live within it.   The feedback has been positive so far and it is good do be able to help in such strange and unprecedented times.