About Us

St. Andrew’s is part of the Church of England (an Anglican Church) at the heart of the community in Enfield. You can find us in the Market Place, behind Barclays Bank, in the centre of town.

We want to be the type of church that will give you a warm welcome, and where you can meet with God, whatever is happening in your life at the moment.

We are constantly trying to become more 'useful' as a church. We want you to find it easy to become a member of our community (if that's what you are looking for), or just to come and enjoy the occasional Sunday with us. We know that everyone has a different 'agenda' when it comes to church and faith - and whatever you need from church, we hope that you will find it at St. Andrew's. Everyone who comes is at a different stage in their lives - so there's no pressure on you at all...

We have plenty of activities and interest groups within the church family - our website should give you an idea of what type of things we do. You can read about our youth work, children’s work, pastoral care ministries, variety of worship services, excellent musical tradition, Bible study groups, discipleship courses, social activities, schools work, overseas support and a whole lot more here!

Most of all, we believe in a welcoming and hospitable God. At St. Andrew’s, we want to reflect that welcome and hospitality to the local community and all who visit. We are a church on a journey – we are far from perfect and we have a long, long way to go! But if you want to come along and see if this is a place where you can find whatever it is you need, you will be more than welcome!