The church is open for all of our services.  

Getting here

St Mark's is an inclusive north London community church which embraces people of all religious backgrounds and none, and of all ages, races and personal circumstances.  Everyone is welcome at the Lord's table.  We seek to serve one another in our parish family and the wider community of Bush Hill Park, in the conviction that the church is called to be a sign of God's love in the world, not a sign of success or power. 

We want to be a church which follows Jesus Christ by welcoming those who are searching, comforting those who are suffering, and nurturing those who are growing towards God.  We want the church to be a centre of community for all who live in the neighbourhood, whether Christian or not.  We want it to be an oasis of peace and a place of celebration.  We want people to feel comfortable with us, and to sense something of God in our midst .

Our worship is traditional in form, but relaxed in style; and recognises that many of us worship best when there is colour and movement, and when we can be ourselves.  We are not happy-clappy, but neither are we po-faced.  We aim to offer liturgy which is dignified without undue stiffness.  And we try to be friendly without bothering people who'd rather be left alone. 

Our main acts of worship take place with the congregation sitting opposite each other in a sort of oval, with the liturgy taking place in the middle.  This means that, for our main service, the Eucharist (also called Mass or Holy Communion) we are a family gathered around the table to be spiritually fed by the Lord.

The Family Mass (3rd Sunday in the month) is designed with the needs of younger members in mind.  We recognise that that young children may find it difficult to keep still and quiet during services; and there are toys and books for them to use at all services.  There are also child-friendly service booklets for those who are able to follow the service.  

There is a "creche" area in a side aisle where children can play quietly, but which does not prevent those in it from taking part in the service.  We encourage everyone (including children) to engage with as much of the liturgy as they can. 

St Mark's Road

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