Church on the Farm - Broadwater Estate N17 6JW

Church on the Farm (COTF) works with young people aged 6 -19 who would not have access to children and young people services in this part of the borough. Services for children and young people across the borough of Haringey have been depleted due to lack of investment and cuts in funding. COTF’s standing in the community has enabled us to broker activities for young people that are meaningful, relevant and of interest, impacting positively on their day-to-day lives. These activities have helped to keep over 50 young people safe and engaged, and in some instances steered them away from anti-social behaviour and serious crime. Young people who use our services have improved their confidence and resilience and discovered aspirations and hope. This ministry is led by Keith Jackson, LLM: Mobile: 07921576376 and e-mail [email protected]

COTF_Project_Report, PDF