About Us

We are a lively, growing church in the Traditionalist Catholic wing of the Church of England.

​Our worship is lively and engaging, using incense and modern catholic liturgy and ceremonial, with accessible, Biblical preaching and teaching, rooted in the tradition of the Church.

​We are a friendly, growing community, witnessing to the Christian faith as received by the Catholic Church. All are welcome at our services, or just to pop in and light a candle and say a prayer in our beautiful building. Our church is open to ALL, irrespective of religion or denomination.

​We seek to witness to Jesus Christ in our community by responding to the needs of those around us. We are committed to our corporate life of worship and prayer, as we are sent out from the Mass to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, and to serve him in our community by serving our brothers and sisters in need.

​Our Sung Mass with activities for children on a Sunday is at 10am, followed by coffee and refreshments. Weekday Mass, Confessions, and public devotions are advertised on a weekly basis.

We look forward to seeing you soon.