How we Live-Stream


Like many churches, we have developed our technological capabilities during lockdown. Our YouTube channel still has many recorded and edited highlights of services (including Holy Week) from the first lockdown in 2020. These days though, we no longer produce recorded and edited highlights, but instead we live-stream services as they happen, via our Facebook page.

There are two ways we do this. The simple way is when the priest is alone in church with a server, and we just set a camera running on a tripod from a fixed location. However, the more complex version, which we aim to employ on Sundays and Festivals, involves a cameraman obtaining high quality images, and able to move around the building. Our technical team are now equipped with the necessary hardware for aerial shots, smooth camera tracking, and close-ups that do not intrude upon the liturgy.

In the picture, one of our team operates a high-quality iPhone 12 PRO camera attached to a DJI Osmo Mobile 3-axis gimbal, with bluetooth control connection. The image was captured at our mass for St Anskar's Day. Do join us for live-streamed worship - all are very welcome!