About Us

We are an Anglican Parish Church, serving our community in North West London. A lively and diverse group of people gather here to worship on a Sunday, and our Anglo-Catholic tradition draws in folk from beyond our parish boundaries, as we worship together, grow in faith, and share in fellowship and service

Whilst the current Church dates from 1964, the first Church was built in 1936, and is now the Hall.  The Church has a typically 1960s box-like exterior, but inside it is wonderfully spacious, light and airy, with an atmosphere of peace and prayerful reverence.  Its design is perfectly suited to the worship of God - its furniture and decoration have a harmony and proportion that enhances that atmosphere. The building achieves the impossible - a fusion of modern design with traditional values; it is a beautiful place to worship, praise, and give thanks.

The pattern of worship is what might be called ‘robustly traditional’. Whilst the main Sunday service has a strong ceremonial and musical emphasis, there are other services of equally reverent simplicity. Mission to children is important at St. Edmund’s. There is also a feeling that social and cultural activities are an important part of Christian fellowship - music, drama and art feature regularly in the calendar.

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