About Us

Welcome to St Stephen with St John, Rochester Row, Westminster. We are a flourishing parish church in the heart of London. At St Stephen's you will find not only a beautiful building with an interesting history, but a friendly and very mixed community of people, most of whom live locally, who come together week by week to worship God.

In a part of the world where, very reasonably, many churches have ‘specialist’ ministries of one sort or another, we like to think of ourselves as a non-specialist church – a local parish church, with a style of worship that is dignified but relaxed, and brings together people of widely different backgrounds.

We are a church where children and their families have a valued place, and to which a good number of single people belong. We have people who have long experience as members of the church and others for whom this is still a new experience. We hope we are a church whose convictions are strong, and that knows the importance of living with questions. We want to be a church where we can come to worship God, in order that we can be better equipped to live our lives faithfully in our daily occupations in the wider world.