About Us

As a parish church of the Church of England, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to the community around us. We try to worship God with the best that we can offer, in services that are well-ordered but accessible: we are known for our music, and for a tradition of thoughtful and intelligent preaching and teaching.

Our congregations are diverse in every way, and while most of them live locally, they represent a great variety of backgrounds and nationalities, as well as the whole range of ages. We enjoy working with other churches in the area, and, placed as we are opposite the London Central Mosque, and near three synagogues of differing Jewish traditions, we can hardly avoid the challenges and rewards of encounter and friendship with those of other faiths.

We are open every day (with very rare exceptions) from early morning to late afternoon, so you can simply walk in, and look around, and be still, and pray. You are most welcome!