About Us



All Saints is a church which has a ministry far beyond the boundaries of its small parish and even beyond the limits of the city in which it is set. Our extended family includes people in many countries and from a variety of Christian traditions. We minister to large numbers of people for whom All Saints is their parish church, or their weekday church because they work in this part of the city, or because this is the church they come to when they are in London. I hope very much that the information included in "a church near you" will encourage you to come and visit us or redirect you to our web site which is intended to serve as a means by which the spiritual family of All Saints, a sort of "virtual congregation", can keep in touch, and by which those who do not know All Saints might learn of it.

All Saints has a magnificent building and a significant part in the history of the Anglican Communion. We have devoted a good deal of time, energy and resources to the restoration of the building. Phases I, II & III are now complete, so please come and have a look.  This mamouth task has not been done simply as an exercise in conservation, but because the church is a living centre of Christian worship and teaching, pastoral care and spiritual guidance, life and mission, in one of the world's great cities.

Special arrangements are in place for worship at All Saints during this time:

Daily (including Sundays) Church open 10 to 4 for private prayer

Daily (including Sundays) Non-communicating Mass at 12 noon

Thursdays & Sundays Exposition after Mass on Thursdays and Sundays concluding with Benediction at 4pm