Church Registers and Family History

St Andrew's Church Registers

St Andrew's was built in 1879, so our registers of baptisms and marriages date only from then, and do not extend back before the time of the civil registration of births, deaths and marriages. As St Andrew's does not have a graveyard we have no records of burials at all.

Baptism registers from before 28th July 1946 and marriage registers from before 20th March 1948 are no longer in possession of the church. These are now held in the Archives & Special Collections section of the Central Library in Manchester (

whose contact details are as follows:

Archives & special collections 

Central Library                                                                                                                                                                       

St Peters Square

Manchester City Centre M2 5PD 

Tel: 0161 234 1979

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, St Andrew's Marriage registers from 1880 to 1948 may be viewed online at this free website

Baptism registers from 28th July 1946 and marriage registers from 20th March 1948 onwards are still available through the church. The registers are not indexed, and research can therefore be quite time consuming. Please note that by law we are obliged to charge a fee for carrying out a search of the baptism or marriage registers on your behalf.

St Andrew's is one of four Anglican churches within Eccles, all covering different parishes. We generally advise people that there is really only any point in undertaking searches with us if you have good reason to believe that a family member was baptised or married at St Andrew's, or that they definitely lived in our parish. Ideally you would need to know roughly the year of baptism or marriage too.