Getting here

We are an open, welcoming, forward-thinking parish church in the heart of Salford. We have a small, vibrant, passionate congregation who are open and willing to receive anyone who walks through our doors. We ar Anglo-Catholic by tradition

For the third time in 50yrs we are in the middle of a huge and expensive regeneration project which has offered us the chance for growth, change, and engagement with a new community as it evolves.

We TRUST IN THE LORD, and we trust that so long as there is a need for Christ's witness in places like this, so long as we are faithful and true to our God, then we shall thrive, grow, and provide whatever is possible with the resources we bring.

Sometimes being Christian feels more like engaging in a holding action against the forces of modernity and secularism than as an active and possitive witness to Christ's suffering for our redemption. It is up to us not to allow it to become so!

As a result we at the Ascension have worked, and continue to work, with what we have. We are beset by problems, lack of funds, lack of support sometimes - but the belief that our trust in the Lord is right and justified will help us bear fruit as we re-define the Ascension within the new environment it, and we, find ourselves inhabiting.

We are a fertile place for growth in faith. We are an iconic place within the local community where so much has been torn down and destroyed. We are a place which looks to the future without disregarding our heritage.

Come and take a look around. Come and join us for services. Come and offer your help - it will be accepted willingly!

We are located at the heart of this community, we remain at the centre of this community, and we shall continue to serve this community as best we can, as we have for one hundred and forty year so far... and counting...

Ascension Road
M7 1AG

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